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Chinese University Offers HIV Test Kits via Vending Machine
South China Morning Post, 11/15/2017.
How HIV Found Its Way to a Remote Corner of the Himalayas
Guardian, 11/06/2017.
GSK and Gilead Go Head to Head as HIV Drugs Enter New Phase
Reuters, 11/02/2017.
Immune Response to HIV Virus Linked to Cancer Mutations
Medical Xpress, 10/25/2017.
Hate, Discrimination Lead to Rise of HIV in Russia, Experts Say
Deutsche Welle, 10/20/2017.
World First: Scientists Find Where HIV 'Hides' to Evade Detection by the Immune System
EurekAlert, 10/19/2017.
PrEP Drug 'Could Prevent 1 in 4 HIV Infections'
WebMD, 10/18/2017.
UNAIDS and UNFPA Launch Road Map to Stop New HIV Infections
UNAIDS, 10/11/2017.
Durable End to the HIV/AIDS Pandemic Likely Will Require an HIV Vaccine
National Institutes of Health [press release], 10/10/2017.
Why HIV Drugs Act (or Don't) to Boost Each Other's Effectiveness
MD Magazine, 10/09/2017.
Those with Undetectable HIV at 'Effectively No Risk' of Transmitting Virus, CDC Says
NBC News, 09/29/2017.
Achieving National HIV/AIDS Strategy Targets Would Save Lives, Be Cost Effective
Medical Xpress, 09/28/2017.
HIV Rates Climbing among 'Over-50s' in UK and Europe, Researchers Warn
Guardian, 09/27/2017.
New Antibody Attacks 99% of HIV Strains
BBC News, 09/22/2017.
For HIV Patients, Smoking Is 10 Times More Life-Threatening Than Virus Itself
American Council on Science and Health, 09/19/2017.
HIV-AIDS: Following Your Gut
EurekAlert, 09/18/2017.
First Comprehensive Guidelines for Chronic Pain in HIV
Medscape, 09/14/2017.
Most HIV-Positive Migrants in Europe Acquire HIV Post-Migration
Avert, 09/13/2017.
California Lawmakers Vote to Reduce Penalty for Knowingly Exposing Sex Partners to HIV
L.A. Times, 09/12/2017.
New Recommendations Aim to Help Pregnant Women with HIV Make Informed Choices
Medical Xpress, 09/12/2017.
A Venezuelan Woman Had Grown Used to Shortages. Then Her HIV Drugs Ran Out.
Washington Post, 09/08/2017.
Drug Combination Reduces Risk of HIV Infection among Teen Males
National Institutes of Health [press release], 09/06/2017.
UNAIDS Tells Pastors in Uganda to Stop Claims of Curing HIV/AIDS
All, 09/06/2017.
Cancer and HIV: Closing the Screening Gap
Emory News Center, 09/05/2017.
Increased Number of People in the U.S. Living with HIV Are in Remission
MD Magazine, 09/05/2017.
Who Are Trans Women Acquiring HIV From?
Aidsmap, 08/30/2017.
Coverage and Care Pathways for People with HIV: a New Baseline
Kaiser Family Foundation, 08/30/2017.
Cutting U.S. Foreign Aid for HIV Would Cost Lives, without Much Savings
Reuters, 08/29/2017.
The Sex Workers Who Are Leading the Fight against HIV in Mozambique
Independent, 08/22/2017.
UK Medicines Agency Seizes HIV Home-Test Kits over False Result Risk
Guardian, 08/22/2017.
Philippines Has Highest HIV Infection Growth Rate in Asia-Pacific
Thompson Reuters Foundation, 08/02/2017.